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Packing List


Below is a list of suggestions of items that might be

helpful in packing for your vacation to Daytona Beach.


Things to do before you leave your house

¨     Buy travelers checks

¨     Hold incoming mail and newspapers

¨     If you’re leaving your car, leave it parked in the driveway (This makes it look as though somebody is home)

¨     Lock all windows and door before you leave (Double check them before you walk out the door)

¨     Make arrangements for any pets you have (We do not allow any pets in any of our units)

¨     Mow your lawn just before you leave

¨     Notify neighbors of your vacation and give a phone number for emergencies

¨     Pick up trash/Remove trash from home before departure

¨     Replace expired prescriptions and medication and replace expired sun block (Most SPF lotions lose potency over the years)

¨     Replenish toiletries kit

¨     Tune-up car, check tiers, battery, major fluids, brakes…etc. (Do this even if you are just driving to the airport, you don’t want to get home and have your car not start)

¨     Turn off AC/Heat

¨     Turn off coffee pot, stove…etc.

¨     Turn on outside lights

¨     Unplug small appliances



¨     Alarm Clock

¨     Books

¨     Camera case

¨     Camera, film

¨     Cell phone and charger

¨     Coloring books (if you have children)

¨     Colors

¨     Digital Camera, batteries, memory cards, owners manual

¨     Disposable camera

¨     Disposable underwater camera

¨     Games, cards…etc.

¨     iPod/MP3 player and headphones, batteries, mini-speakers

¨     Journal/Notebook and pen

¨     Laptop, Video Games, CD’s and player

¨     Magazines

¨     Maps and Directions

¨     Mini-DVD player or DVD-capable laptop and DVDs

¨     Reading material

¨     Travel games

¨     Travel guide(s)

¨     Writing materials



¨     Adhesive strips

¨     Aloe Vera Gel (This is nice to have if you get sun burned)

¨     Antibacterial hand soap

¨     Antibiotic cream

¨     Anti-diarrhea medication

¨     Band-Aids

¨     Cold medicine

¨     Cortisone 1% anti-itch cream

¨     Daily Medication (Blood pressure, vitamins, birth control, asthma medications, inhaler…etc)

¨     Extra pair of eyeglasses

¨     Eyeglasses and/or contact lenses (plus lens cleaner)

¨     For cruisers: Sea-sickness bands or pills

¨     Gauze

¨     Insect Repellant (There are not too many bugs you have to worry about, I have never had a problem with them)

¨     Lip balm with sunscreen in it

¨     Lotion for insect bites

¨     Medical insurance cards, list of phone numbers

¨     Moist towelettes

¨     Other medications

¨     Pain reliever (You shouldn’t need this for head-aches, it is too relaxing to get one of those)

¨     Prescription medicines (Try not to forget, if you do there is a Walgreens down the street that can fill prescriptions if needed)

¨     Sunscreen (Waterproof is always good)

¨     Thermometers


Money and Documents (Paper work)

¨     Addresses for sending postcards/e-mail

¨     Auto insurance car (Only needed if you drive in your own vehicle, if you choose to rent then the rental car should have them in there already)

¨     Business cards (You are on vacation, there is no need to worry about business, but if you can’t help it, then bring them)


¨     Copy of medical history (Only if needed)

¨     Copy of vacation packing list (This is so when it comes time to leave, you know what you brought)

¨     Credit cards and/or traveler’s checks (plus a list of numbers of both)

¨     Destination maps (Map Quest is a great place to get directions)

¨     Driver’s license/international driver’s license

¨     Emergency numbers and embassy address

¨     Frequent flyer/Frequent guest cards

¨     Itineraries, tickets and reservation confirmations

¨     Paper and pen or pencil

¨     Passports and visas (Only if you are not from the United States)

¨     Photo ID

¨     Pre-paid phone card (There is a phone in the condo, however, you are not able to make long distance calls on it, you may receive them though)

¨     Travelers checks and receipt (Keep separate)



¨     Baseball caps or wide-brim hats (To protect faces from the sun)

¨     Bathrobe

¨     Beach cover-ups or roomy T-shirt (To throw over swimsuit when you’ve had enough sun)

¨     Complete change of cloths for each person per day (think cool, comfortable clothing) – there are a washer and driver in each unit

¨     Lightweight sweater or jacket and long pants for cooler evenings

¨     Pajamas/Night shirts

¨     Sandals (Rubber, plastic or waterproof are best)

¨     Sunglasses with UV protection

¨     Swimsuits (Two per person, so you’ll always have a dry one)

¨     Underwear, socks…etc.

¨     Walking/Tennis shoes (There is a tennis court so you may play tennis, there are also many stores within walking distance so walking shoes of some sort are nice)



¨     Bath Soap

¨     Blow dryer/Straightening iron

¨     Cologne/Perfume

¨     Comb/Brush

¨     Cosmetic case

¨     Cotton Balls

¨     Deodorant

¨     Facial Cleanser

¨     Feminine hygiene products

¨     Floss

¨     Hair ties/Scrunchies

¨     Lip balm

¨     Makeup/Makeup removers

¨     Moisturizer/SPF

¨     Nail clippers

¨     Q-tips

¨     Shampoo/Conditioner/Styling products

¨     Shaving kit/Shaving Cream

¨     Tissues

¨     Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Mouthwash

¨     Tweezers


 Stuff for the beach/Swimming

¨     Aqua socks or dive booties

¨     Bag/Bucket for shells

¨     Beach bag

¨     Beach cooler

¨     Beach towels (We do not provide beach towels)

¨     Blow-Up water toys

¨     Diving gear

¨     Family size beach blanket

¨     Fins

¨     Fishing pole and tackle

¨     Folding beach chairs/Umbrella (You may rent them from Fun in the Sun Beach Rentals, they are usually set up on the beach somewhere close to the condo)

¨     Mask

¨     Radio

¨     Snorkel

¨     Surfboard/boogie board

¨     Waist flotation device


¨     Binoculars

¨     Cooler

¨     Flashlight

¨     Golf Clubs

¨     Keys/Codes (You must have your codes or you cannot get into the condo unit, the people at the front desk will not be able to help you with what your codes are)

¨     Lint roller

¨     Luggage locks approved by TSA

¨     Pillows (We do have pillows for you)

¨     Plastic Zip-Lock bags

¨     Recipes for vacation cooking

¨     School work assignments and books- if any

¨     Tennis rackets

¨     Umbrella

¨     Wallet and/or purse and cash

¨     Water-proof sheets (We provide sheets, but not water-proof ones)

¨     Zip ties


Things to buy when you have arrived

¨     Bath soap

¨     Bath tissue

¨     Coffee filters

¨     Coffee, sugar, Coffee-Mate

¨     Dishwasher detergent (Check the supply, there night be some left over from the previous renters)

¨     Favorite spices (There are some that people have bought and just left, if there is something in particular that you would like, check to see if it is there)

¨     Kitchen garbage bags

¨     Laundry detergent (Check the supply)

¨     Napkins

¨     Paper plates

¨     Paper towels

¨     Shampoo/Conditioner/Styling products

¨     Zip lock bags- several sizes (There might be some in a drawer in the kitchen)


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